Paint and Design Co are specialist Industrial warehouse painters. We regularly work with Industrial operators and building managers to ensure a smooth run painting project that meets all deadlines and budgets. We understand the need to work around speedily and efficiently around your business to ensure that your operations run as smoothly as possible.             Our professional operation carries all necessary Insurance and licenses to comply with all industry requirements.

We utilize a wide array of high quality industrial-grade paints and materials, matched to the application and Intended lifespan for maximum cost effectiveness. Our main objective is to provide you with the best value possible, by providing a range of coating system alternatives and the Information you need to make an Informed decision.                       The latest generation coatings we use include:

  • epoxies, two pack epoxies

  • polyurethanes

  • high-adhesion coatings for dirty environments

  • specialty coatings                                   

  • Industrial enamels

  • low-emissions coatings

  • non-slip coatings


Our projects are managed by experienced project managers to ensure jobs are completed as scheduled, within budget, and to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on minimizing disruptions to your business and occupants, and are adept in working in occupied and operating facilities, and during fixed time window periods such as scheduled shutdowns.